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A perfect spot for the traction boards

A perfect spot for the traction boards

Written by am

Where to put them? The first question we asked ourselves after we had decided to take a pair of traction boards with us.

For overlanders sand boards are an indispensable tool when driving in rough terrain, in order to be able to free the sunken vehicle or to cross obstacles. To date, we never had to use them, and hopefully we will not depend on them too often in future. But it certainly does not hurt to have a pair of them with us. 

Due to the lower weight, we have opted for a version made of plastic - TRED's traction boards (total weight approx. 6 kg).

Three stainless-steel hinges and two belt straps ensure stability of the shelf. 

More than just a traction boards carrier

Since with two aluminum boxes and the solar panels all space on the roof had already been occupied, only the outside of the vehicle remained as a possible location for mounting the traction boards. 

The plan was not only to manufacture a carrier for the boards, but to consider which other purpose it could serve. Therefore, we affixed the boards on a checker plate. Two rails, which we had also used for the installation of the water pipe and the jerry can, have been riveted to the bodywork. Afterwards, the checker plate with the boards got attached on the rails with three hinges.

The checker plate can now be folded down together with the traction boards and can be used as shelf or table. Two adjustable belt straps ensure that the flap is held in position. This gadget has already proven to be very expedient e.g. when cooking.

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