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Frankly speaking, the car is the leading actor in our story. As passengers we are more or less just the extra.

Astrid, same "year of construction" like the G - 1984:

  • Grown up and socialized in Vienna (from which her proneness to grumble stems)
  • Social anthropologist
  • Could eat beans and dumplings made by her mum every day
  • Passionate under-the-shower-singer
  • Still afraid of "the Fraggles"
  • Faints when she sees blood
  • Has the quirk to check several times if the car is locked
  • Biggest faux pas with the G: scratching the newly varnished bonnet when cleaning it with a kitchen sponge

Chris, year 1978:

  • From Upper Austria, and you can hear that 
  • The better driver
  • Coffee Junkie
  • Conqueror of the G's pop-up top
  • Loves small plastic spoons
  • Wants to visit "Leonora" in Australia
  • American Football enthusiast
  • Biggest faux pas with the G: opening of the pop-up top with the safety belts still fastened, which resulted in tearing out the riveted clamps on the outside


  • Adore our cat "Pippi"
  • Will never win a lottery since we are the incarnation of the idiom "Lucky in love, unlucky at cards."
  • Perfectionists when remodeling the G
  • Feel both more comfortable off the stage (which is why there are almost no pics of us on our website)
  • Fans of (loud) guitar music
  • Also like just being at home on our couch

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