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Coleman 2-Burner Dual Fuel Stove

Since packing space is scarce in our car, we decided for the compact "Coleman Dual Fuel Stove" that packs into its self-contained carry case. With this, it easily stores away and perfectly fits into the G's so-called baby-bathtub.

The two burners can be operated separately, the adjustable windshields protect the burners under windy conditions.

At the beginning, it seems a little complicated to operate, but after having used it a few times you get familiar and figure out that it's actually very easy.

  • Power: 4220W
  • Boil time: 4 min for 1 liter of water
  • Operates off: Unleaded petrol/ Coleman fuel
  • Fuel tank capacity: 1.2 liters
  • Size: 46 x 29 x 12 cm
  • Weight: 5.3 kg

Coleman 2-Burner Dual Fuel Stove - buy it!