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Gordigear Gumtree Awning

With the 2.5 m "Gumtree" awning from Gordigear we gain 5.0 m2 of sun- and rainprotected area next to our G. Again and again we are amazed about the super fast setup.

The all around aluminium frame provides maximum stability and wind resistance. Even under windy outdoor conditions the awning did not collapse; when it rains, we lower one awning pole to enable water runoff. 

It is a big pro that the entire frame is connected permanently to the awning and stores within it when packed - no loose bits mean nothing gets lost or takes up valuable space in our car. 

  • The heavy duty PVC travel cover with zip protects your awning from rain and dirt (also keeps air resistance at a minimum while driving)
  • Aluminium twistlock poles reduce overall weight and setup time whilst providing maximum stability
  • Reinforced corners extend the fabric lifespan
  • Velcro secured - minimises wind disturbance
  • Double-stitched and taped seams

Gordigear Gumtree Awning - buy it!

Gordigear granted us a discount on this product Details