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From the port of Hamburg to Vienna`s Praterstern

From the port of Hamburg to Vienna`s Praterstern

Written by am on 05.05.2018 at 18:18.

Heading home from our trip through Europe, we transited Germany in a couple of days.

After three months on the road, we were definitely not weary of traveling, but winter was at the doorstep and the days had become short. We struck for home, planning to stay there for winter and using the time for preparations of the next adventure: our world trip. Germany, as the last visited country of our trip to Europe, had therefore become more or less degraded to a transit country.

Shortly after we rolled off the ferry in Travemünde we found ourselves already on a four-lane highway.  After several weeks in Scandinavia and its easy going streets, this was almost a culture shock. However, both - the driver and the G - overcame it quickly and despite nightly traffic we unexcitedly drove to the Hanseatic city. 

What’s going on in Hamburg?

Full program in Hamburg - true to the motto "Since we are already here, seize the time". We kept track of what's new in the Schanzen- and Karolinenviertel, stopped at Millerntor Stadium, strolled over the Reeperbahn and landed - where else? - at the famous port. 

Hustle and bustle at the Hamburg fish market.

The next morning we did not want to miss the Sunday fish market - a must for every Hamburg visitor. Traders shouted their hearts out, chocolate and plants of all sizes were sold directly from the truck, colorful vegetables were hastily put into plastic bags and plenty of fruit baskets were towed away - who had been sleepy until then, was latest in the turmoil of the market woken up. Fascinated by the scenes, we lingered and indulged in some delicious fish sandwiches. 

Our walk through the unique “Speicherstadt” of Hamburg was much more peaceful. Passing the imposing building of the “Elbphilharmonie”, we strolled through the historic warehouse complex.

> Many more pics of Hamburg are available in the picture gallery

Pure Rhine romance

From the city on the river “Elbe” we drove through the idyllic Middle Rhine Valley. Vineyards as far as the eye could see and countless castles high above the mountains along the Rhine  impressed us.

The castle Eltz, which looks like straight out of a fairytale particularly pleased us. The 12th-century fortification is located on a rock in the middle of a valley surrounded by forests. We would also have liked to visit these walls from the inside, but unfortunately the season was over and a castle tour was not possible anymore.

Let’s go home

In Vienna, the Fiaker horses (Fiaker = two-horse carriages, which are part of the cityscape of Vienna's city center) are rumored that in the evening they run the way back to the stables much faster than they are ready to ever do during the day. We behaved quite similar - in Germany we drove much faster and covered an average of 190 km per day. Much more than the average on our trip to Europe - which was probably a clear indication that we were already on the way home.

On the drive through Germany, we have certainly omitted some places that would have been worth a visit. But Austria's neighboring country is just a stone's throw away and there will be plenty of future opportunity to explore it. 

Once at home, the G was first cleared out, "showered" (washing away the dirt of the last three months) and then released to his well-deserved hibernation. It was awakened again in March of this year, since then the preparations for our world trip are in full swing.


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