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Latest from our world trip in a Puch G

Latest from our world trip in a Puch G

By now, we are 654 days with our Puch G on a world trip and since 191 days we travel Indonesia. Here you’ll find the latest information about our journey.

Due to time reasons (yes, we are not on vacation, on such a trip you actually have less time than you would assume), we are behind schedule with our planned articles on this website. Anyway, we would like to point out that there are other possibilities to be kept up-to-date.


On Instagram and also on Facebook we keep a detailed diary of our adventures. For each single day we publish a correspondent photo with text in order to provide insights on what we have experienced on this day. This way, you can almost travel with us.

If possible, we recommend that you follow us on Instagram (@GTrotterNet), as we publish not only the daily picture but also stories.

Our current pictures on Instagram:

For friends of statistics

We've created a small app for us where we can easily enter our mileage, GPS coordinates and refueling stops. With that, our location and the complete travel statistics on this website are updated (almost) daily.

Including our test trip to the Baltic States and Scandinavia, we have been on the road with our G for 751 days, traveled 30 countries, drove 63.919 kilometers and filled up a total of 8.110 liters of diesel at 151 refueling stops.
The longest we have stayed in Indonesia (191 days), the most kilometers we have covered in China (7.476 kilometers).
Of all countries travelled until now, our unanimous favorite is Iran.

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Our statistics are also arranged separately for each country visited. Therewith, you can also see in detail which route we drove in the respective country, as well as other related statistics. This data can be accessed via the country overview.

Where we've been, are and soon will be

Since 191 days we are now in Indonesia and drove here a total of 6.855 kilometers. Our exact current location can be found under "Where we are now".
If everything goes as planned, our next destination will be Australia.

Our entire previous itinerary:

So far a short overview of our trip to date. And we are definitely not yet done wit this journey!
Should there be any questions, you can also contact us.

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