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Mission: Sewing

Mission: Sewing

Written by am

Sewing the textiles for our adventuremobile was a welcomed alternative to all the grinding, hammering and screwing.

Except the cover of the bench’s upholstering and the cover of the upper bed’s mattress, all the textiles inside our vehicle were sewn by us.

Protection from the sun

For every window of the car as well as for the windshield, we have sewed sunshades to block the sun and therewith prevent that it gets too hot inside. The black fabric used is absolutely opaque, the outside is of silver color and supposed to reflect the sunbeams. The sun protection can easily be attached to the windows with Velcro fastener.

The awning mounted above the rear, which is also used as a shower curtain, is self-made as well. We have used waterproof outdoor fabric, which is sold by meter.

A curtain separates the cockpit and the living room.  

It's getting cosy

Between the cockpit and the “living room” of the car, we have mounted a curtain rail on the roof lining. The associated curtain divides the two parts of the vehicle. The curtain can easily be closed to protect the living area from prying eyes. A curtain on the window of the rear door, as well as a curtain on the cupboard, complete the textile interior of our G.

The tent fabric can easily get pinched and damaged by the joints of the pop-up top's bars at closing. To prevent that, we sewed little hoods around the joints.

In our opinion, the textile work in the interior makes a significant contribution to comfort. We never thought that we would claim this, but it is true: curtains make a room more comfortable (Yes, mum was right. As usual). They create a counterpole to the still very dominant bare body (despite the wall cladding) and let us feel at home in our G.

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