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Norway - a love story

Norway - a love story

Written by am on 27.04.2018 at 09:10.

It can not be denied - we fell in love with Norway. The country has cast us under its spell and didn't let us go for four weeks. Or maybe we could not let it go?

Norway is one of the wealthiest countries in the world thanks to its oil reserves in the North Sea. The country has made us a little poorer with regard to our wallet, but we have been enriched with priceless impressions. After our visit to the North Cape we were completely inebriated by the majestic beauty of the landscape so far and demanded like addicts more.

F like fjord, fjell and ferry

On our trip through the north of Norway, we should get sufficient fresh supply on unsurpassed, epic nature. The reputation of the uniqueness of the Norwegian landscape precedes it, and no matter in which corner of the country you are staying, you will not be disappointed.

Our first camp spot in Norway at this fjord left nothing to be desired.

The scenery behind our car’s windshield was marked by deep, elongated estuaries, the so-called “fjords”. Surrounded by cliffs, these countless water channels dig their way from the rugged coastline far into the mountains of the mainland. Off the coast, rocky islands tower out of the water like little titans. 

The already breathtaking landscape is complemented by seemingly endless, hilly plateaus - but the “fjell”, despite their lack of trees, by no means appear to be sparse. Where the plateaus end, the mountains fall spectacularly hundreds of meters down to the sea - a sight that leaves the viewer in awe.

Water is a defining element of Northern Norway's landscape. At many of the lakes we passed, a sign indicated that it was a drinking water reservoir. On the Vesteralen and the Lofoten we were fascinated by the water falls out of rock ledges resulting simply from rain.

Not only the landscape is impressive - Norway is also not stingy with spectacular roads.

In order to get from one island to another, several ferry crossings were necessary. Regularly and already with a certain routine, we parked the G on the ferry, usually spent less than 30 minutes on the sea and then continued our journey as if nothing had happened. A peaceful drive was granted to us throughout Norway.

The road network is well developed, over fascinating bridges one reaches even the smallest islands and well-lit tunnels lead through the mountains. Where this is not yet the case, ferries complement the road network. “Kjør sakte!” - “Drive slowly” can be read anyway on Norwegian road signs.

Norway - not just a feast for the eyes

What else should we write about Norway besides its breathtaking natural beauty, friendly inhabitants and fascinating wildlife? We were fortunate to encounter sperm whales, eagles, reindeer and moose on our way through the country. The latter also landed on our plates. We still have a guilty conscience, but we have to admit that moose tastes indeed delicious. Thanks to Sissel and Thomas for the warm invitation to their cozy farm and for serving the culinary highlight of our trip.

In the country of the “kaker” (patties) and “boller” (balls) which are offered with fish (“fiske”), meat (“kjott”) or sweet (mostly with cardamom), we compared the prices in each supermarket. Filling the tank of the G or buying a bar of chocolate? What a tough decision. Despite the horribly high costs for food, Norway still managed to open up a whole new world to my taste buds: in addition to the roasted moose, I discovered the traditional brown cheese ("Flotemysost") and couldn’t get enough of its unique caramel-sweet taste. Flotemysost, I miss you!

Aurora Borealis - or how to get a stiff neck

In addition to my childhood dream of being able to observe a whale in its natural habitat once in a lifetime, Norway has also fulfilled a second wish that was on top of my bucket-list: seeing the Northern Lights.

The northern light above us - a dream!

Every evening since we arrived in Norway, we gazed at the sky and hoped for the appearance of this phenomenon. We had to wait for quite a long time, though it is definitely possible the Aurora Borealis has often appeared over the G while we were sleeping soundly in it.

The night when we saw the greenish lights on the sky for the first time remains unforgettable. However, the most intensive observation we made on the mountain above the city of Mo i Rana. An icy night.

But when the Polar Lights perform their dance above you, the freezing is quickly forgotten and it is this natural spectacle that causes you goose bumps and not the cold.

Turn your lights down low

Already in the first few days in Norway, we witnessed that even during the day many houses were brightly illuminated - be it the light inside the house or in the driveway, everywhere it was switched on.  Even the lanterns at many small ports seemed to try to compete with the sun. As we have been informed by a Norwegian, electricity is so cheap that most residents had never spared a thought on a more sustainable use of energy. 

The lax attitude to saving electricity was the only thing we did not like about Norway. But how is it being in love? - you condone the negative side. It is the same with us - Norway remains for us the highlight of our trip through Europe, and whenever we are asked how we liked it, we can`t prevent going into rhapsodies about it.

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