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Crankagain is a Swiss quality brand which has brought one of the smallest and most powerful mobile 12/24 Volt batteries on the market.


The "Mobile Power Pack" from Crankagain is one of the smallest and most powerful mobile batteries on the market. Latest lithium-polymer technology makes the super-light battery an indispensable companion: it can be used to start any engine - whether it is a car, truck, motorbike, boat, 12V or 24V - or charge devices such as a notebook, tablet, smartphone, camera, navigation device or cool box. And if it has to be, it can do it all at once and even several times in a row. The built-in LED lamp assists you at night.

This all-rounder has a comparatively small size, sleek design and easy to use.


Crankagain supports our travels with the following product:
Crankagain - Mobile Power Pack Details