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Picture galleries

Photos of our road trip to different parts of the world, and of the previous conversion of the G-Class to a travel vehicle.


The first country we visted on our trip through Europe was Slovakia. A short, but intensive experience.

Application of decals

After two years of restoration and modification, our automobile finally received some decals with the G-Trotter logo.

Shower curtain and awning

A multifunctional piece of fabric that can be used either as a protection from sun/rain, or as a shower curtain to protect from prying eyes.

Troublemaker pop-up roof

The pop-up top of the car worried us a lot. First, it was very heavy, what made it difficult to open and dangerous to close. Second, its fabric was not waterproof.

Additional headlights

The outdoor lightning of our automobile required some improvement.

Easy entry device

The gadget at the rear of the car is an unique device to enable an easy entry and exit.

Traction boards carrier

The mounting for the traction boards is more than it seems. The checker plate to which the boards are affixed to, can be folded down to serve as table or shelf.


On the sewing machine, ready, go! Most of the textiles in the car were sewed by us.

The black water pipe

Our water supply with canisters is complemented with a black pipe that serves as water tank.

Special Feature: baby bathtub

What to do with a compartment in the floor that is at the same time too small to use as storage space, but too spacious to ignore entirely? We enlarged it, what made it resembling a bathtub for babies.

The cockpit

The Cockpit was in a miserable condition: a dashboard like Swiss cheese, an absent grid and some colorful switches.

Pieces of furniture in our kitchen

After most furnitures had been built in, the remaining space was efficiently used for two pieces of kitchen furniture.

Electric box and water shelf

The cupboard in front of the right back-door is divided between shelves that carry water canisters and a box that accommodates the cabin battery, solar controller and fuse box.

The main cupboard

With twelve spacious boxes that function like drawers, the largest among all cupboards offers a lot of storage space. Special feature are the three incorporated table tops.

The extendible bench

The seating surface of our bench can be pulled out to serve as bed. Slats ensure a pieceful night without a back-ache the next morning.

Planning of the interior

Our approach when planning the furniture? Drafting, discussing, trying, drafting again, discussing again and trying again.

Installation of the air heater

The installation of the Planar 2D Diesel Air Heater turned out to be less difficult than initally feared.

The floor plate

We have dealt with the floor plate in several rounds. First, it was fitted in, second we cut out the openings for the fuel gauge sending unit and the compartment in the floor. Last but not least, we placed the drive-in nuts.

Our Gordigear Gumtree awning

The awning is quickly setup, and provides valuable shade and shelter from the elements.

The car seats

Who has spent several hours in a car knows very well how important it is for the driver and co-driver to sit comfortably.

Installing the roof hatch

Like many other things on and in the car, also the window in the roof had past its prime and needed to be renewed.

The new roof lining

Creativity had no limit when constructing the new roof lining. It is made of wood, consists of three parts and is entirely clothed with carpet.

Our slatted frame

The slatted frame has been manufactured by us according to spatial and individual requirements. It can be lifted up to gain some headroom.

Insulation and Paneling

The roof and the walls have been insulated with Armaflex. Where the insulation material was applied on the wall, it got covered with a paneling.

Reconditioning the car doors

The reconditioning of the car doors was part of the restoration work conducted.

Time to shine in new splendor

After the first round of reconditioning works, the car was in dire need of a new varnish.

Fighting the rust

It's nothing unusual to spot some rust in a car built in 1984. But in our G the corrosion had raged and caused a lot of damage.

The great clean-up: everything must go!

Decluttering the inside of the car turned out to be quite time consuming.

Initial status

The G's inital appearance was far from how it looks today.