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Special Thanks

It required more than four hands that our vehicle got roadworthy again. Different people had made an unpayable contribution to our project and we owe them a sincere "Thank you".

A very big thank you goes to Astrid’s Dad, Ernst. Without his energetic support we certainly would not have accomplished the restoration and the modification of the G into a travel vehicle. Father and father-in-law, professional toolmaker and passionate do-it-yourselfer in one person, he contributed with his knowledge and experience substantially to the success of this project.

Only due to Ernst’s resourcefulness and technical dexterity the G possesses some custom made, unique items like the entry gadget or special features like the extended door check strap. To mention just a few examples. With meticulousness and precision, he has accompanied us through every challenge the G had ready for us. We could always consult him and count on his advice; Ernst never hesitated to generously help us with word and deed.

The workshop is Ernst's empire.

Ernst's lifelong passion for collecting things that other people most likely would have thrown away, has spared us many visits to the hardware store (and a lot of money) since many of the materials needed for the restoration and modification - be it wooden boards, aluminum sheets or screws of any kind -  Ernst had in stock. He owns machines, sometimes one device even two or three times, of which we would not haven dared to dream about.

For more than two years, we occupied Ernst's workshop, used his tools and machines. We could not have imagined a better place to convert our vehicle into an adventuremobile. Many Thanks.

Further, we want to express our gratitude to Edith, Astrid’s mum. During the restoration phase of the G we had plenty of moments when everything went wrong and we wanted to give up. Then, the consumption of a warm, self-cooked lunch or a cake for coffee break made our day. You only know which difference it makes to put on clean work clothes instead of the dirty ones from the previous day, if you have experienced it yourself. Many thanks to Edit for cooking and washing for us. We truly appreciate that she and Ernst agreed to take care of our beloved cat Pippi while we are traveling.

We also have to thank Ernst's longtime friend Sigi, a passionate traveler and driver of the G-Class. He not only surprised us with the one or other unexpected present, but also repeatedly helped out with his expertise.

Our brother-in-law, Roman, takes a great burden from us by allowing to store our belongings in his garage while we are traveling. Also, during the restoration of the G, he had given us a helping hand several times. Thanks for that!

Many thanks also to Christian's brother Roland, who has always been ready to pitch in when needed. Our cupboard would probably not yet be completed without his support.

Last but not least, we thank Christian's mum Poldi, who would have preferred that we stay at home, but who is always there for us and a great support!