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Statistics of our test drive in Northern Europe

Facts and figures of our test drive in Northern Europe which derive from our logbook.

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General overview
Travel days: 97
Number of countries: 9
Covered distance: 13.812 km
8.582 miles
Distance/day: 142 km
88 miles
All about Diesel and refueling
Refueling stops: 38
Total amount of Diesel: 1.816 Liter
Average price per liter: € 1,25
$ 1,49
Lowest price per liter:
( Latvia Latvia)
€ 0,91
$ 1,08
Highest price per liter:
( Norway Norway)
€ 1,64
$ 1,95

Covered distance per country:

Traveldays per country:

Average Diesel price per country: