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Our planned route

Before you get on the road, you have a certain route in your mind that you would like to travel. We also have such an "dream route", but it is hard to predict if we can actually realize it.

Strictly speaking, our plans concern two routes. The first route takes us through Europe during summer. It is planned, in particular, to visit the northern countries of our home continent.

On 10th May 2018 we start to travel eastwards. Our desired route for the big trip had already manifested soon after we had decided to dare the adventure of traveling with a car.

Via the often underestimated countries of the Western Balkans, we aim to cross Turkey and Iran, and then pass from Turkmenistan the gate to Central Asia. After leaving behind Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, we will continue to China, from where we enter Laos.

Then, the route gets nebulous. Since it became cumbersome to enter Thailand with our own car (as of August 2017), we will have to find a suitable alternative. From Southeast Asia, the G will be shipped to Australia. Further it is planned to journey on from the Australian to the Northamerican continent (transporting once again the car in a container) to visit the USA and Canada.

And then? Well then everything is open. Even if we manage to see all above mentioned countries, we will still have omitted plenty. Indeed, we wouldn’t have set foot on two continents - South America and Africa. Hence, we stick to “never say never”. Who knows in which additional countries we will end up.