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3-in-1 bench, bed and storage space

3-in-1 bench, bed and storage space

Written by am

The construction of the bench was challenging. Aim was that it consists of a pull-out slatted frame to use as bed and in addition, the bench should provide some storage space.

The first piece of furniture we had built was the bench with a pull-out slatted frame. A stable base was quickly constructed and then cladded with thin plywood panels.

Extendible with storage space, please

A little more challenging were the considerations on ​​how this bench can be made extendible to also serve as a bed. Fortunately, we were not the only ones who had had this idea, therefore, some useful good examples were available on the internet.  

The pulled-out bench/bed.

In addition to its pull-out function, the seat of the bench can also be lifted up due to hinges. The space underneath provides valuable storage space. 

Our bench has a lenght of 160 cm. Since this is not enough for using it as bed, the lying surface is extended to 210 cm by a cushion piece on the cool box. The bench is 74 cm wide when pulled-out, since the upholstery is slightly wider it creates a total width of 92 cm. A proper size to sleep comfortably. 

It's easy to be wise after the event

In retrospect, we have made a few mistakes when constructing the bench, which become noticeable now in the bench’s handling. First, by setting the slats too narrow and second, by painting the entire piece, the pull-out of the bench does not go smoothly as the slats tend to get wedged. We can live with it, but have learned our lesson. If we would have to build another bench we would do it differently.

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