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Let there be light - additional outside headlights

Let there be light - additional outside headlights

Written by am

We can claim to have sufficient light sources (both mobile and installed) indoor, but the outside of our vehicle required an update.

Due to the relatively weak front headlights of our adventure mobile, we have mounted two additional ones on the roof at the front. Many thanks to Sigi who gave them to us as a present. No pitch-black road will ever again be a problem.

You can not have too many sources of light. In our G, we can choose from several options when it’s getting dark. Speaking of dark. At night, you often perceive sounds differently than during the day. The night makes the ordinary strange, and this sometimes wakes you up and keeps you from falling asleep again (yes, I am speaking of experience).

The additional headlight on the back brings light into the dark. 

Light up the dark

In order to eliminate all kind of speculations about what is going on outside the G at night, we have installed an "outdoor light" above the spare wheel. There was also a spotlight placed at the time of purchase, but it was not functional. We have replaced it with a new one, which is rotatable in all directions. For easier mounting on the wheel carrier, we have manufactured a small pod made of checker plate for the light.  

After the outdoor light was successfully installed, we had to admit that we had made an error in reasoning. The light could only be switched on with a button on the device itself. How about "It is night, you hear a strange noise and want to bring light into the dark in the truest sense of the word?" Who of us two would probably go out with goose bumps to push the switch? Exactly. Therefore, we have upgraded the headlight and it can now be switched on from inside with a remote control.

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