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Sleep well - our slatted frame

Sleep well - our slatted frame

Written by am

Like in seventh heaven we sleep on our self-made slatted frame.

Special spatial circumstances require special constructions. This was also the case with our upper bed, for which we couldn't just buy a slatted frame in store. It needed to be customized. For this undertaking we used a second-hand slatted frame with a width of 140 cm and cut off 10 cm of every single slat. 

To the adjusted frame we also added a longitudinal bar in the middle in order to avoid that the slats bow too much. Likewise, we reinforced the upper end of the frame with a hardwood beam, since this would be the spot that gets strained every time we get into the bed.

A bed with some extras

In the head area of ​​the bed, we also wanted to be able to charge our laptop or other devices. Hence, we incorporated a USB socket into the frame. 

Electrified slatted frame.

On the underneath of the slatted frame, a plywood plate is mounted, which constitutes the third part of our self-made roof lining.

Lift it!

The slatted frame, including the headliner below can be lifted, what makes it possible that an adult can stand upright inside the car. Initially it was planned to hang the slatted frame on a hook, which would have required to drill a hole into the top. Since we wanted to avoid that, we found another solution. Two pillars on each side, which are foldable and can easily be erected when needed, hold the slatted frame upwards. Quite simple, but it turned out to be an highly appreciated asset.

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