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Sweep it under the carpet

Sweep it under the carpet

Written by am

Of all the different materials that we have utilized in the course of remodeling the car, one has proved to be particularly useful.

In search for a textile solution to make the interior of our vehicle more comfortable, we randomly found a carpet in the DIY store. It was sold by meter and was therefore low priced. The synthetic fiber flooring seemed to be easy to cut, but at the same time hard-wearing enough to use as inner lining. Its graying color promised a low vulnerability to dirt. All our assumptions had come true, the carpet was indeed a lucky find.

The well-tried carpet. 

Rubbing, Rubbing, Rubbing

The low costs but also the good processing possibilities were a big plus. The carpet just gets a small minus for the fact that it had a so-called "rubber back", which should ensure a cushioning effect when lying on the floor. This rubber lining was useless for our purpose, since we did not use the carpet in a conventional way. Moreover, the rubber would be counterproductive, as the glue would not have adhered to it. Therefore, to prevent the carpet from falling down the walls, we have scrubbed off the rubber before using it as wall cloth. Manually. Piece by piece. This was actually very easy, it was rather the large area, that made this undertaking arduous. In sum, we spent a few hours just "rubbing".

An allround talent

We have used the carpet for the lining of the pop-up top, the entire newly constructed ceiling and the wall covering, what contributed to create a comfortable, homey atmosphere in the living area of the car. Often the carpet had been touched with not very clean hands and still, no dirty spots are recognizable and the carpet looks like new.

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