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Unforgettable Lofoten

Unforgettable Lofoten

Written by am on 22.04.2018 at 08:05.

The archipelago knows how to enchant. Those who have visited the Lofoten, rhapsodize about it.

Coming from the North Cape, we were already spoiled with such breathtaking scenery on the route - which had led us through Hammerfest and Tromsø and on the Vesteralen - that we had some doubts whether the Lofoten will be able to excel the already seen.

This spot on earth is legendary. Awestruck did we listen to the stories of visitors who rave about the beauty of the archipelago consisting of 80 islands. Accordingly, we were curious how we will experience the Lofoten.

The archipelago lives up to its promise

Surrounded by crystal-clear water that hits wildly against the rock faces of the individual islands, white sandy beaches, green plains and silhouettes of mountain ranges on the horizon - this is how the Lofoten presented themselves to us.  The contrasts of crags shimming from violet to deep black, turquoise water and red fishermen's huts, the so-called "Rorbuer", enthused.

On the Lofoten you can discover awesome landscapes.

On the way through this unique scenery, we never got tired of it.  We made several breaks,  went for a small hike and could not stop marvelling. Over delicate bridges we passed picturesque villages, but without the tourists of the high season, they almost seemed a bit abandoned. Surrounded by wooden racks on which cod dries during the fishing season, they seemed to have already begun their well-deserved hibernation in mid-October.

On the Lofoten the stockfish is still produced in the same way as at the time of the Vikings. Completely untreated, it simply dries in the air. Over time, this has become the livelihood for the local population. We were curious and bought a small sample, which we then never opened and it still lies in the G’s kitchen cupboard. No problem, since the dried fish last for several years.

Simply impressive

Again and again we left the main artery of the Lofoten, the E10 (also called "Lofoten Highway"). Just stop where it pleases you and settle overnight - this was easily possible on the Lofoten in the offseason. We are grateful having fund gorgeous spots somewhere in the nowhere of the archipelago.

On the Lofoten, expectations have been fulfilled. The islands are as impressive as depicted in countless reports and spectacular pictures - it is indeed a small paradise high in the north.


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