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A new tail for easy entry and exit

A new tail for easy entry and exit

Written by am

The genesis of the device on the rear of the vehicle is a typical "one thing leads to another" story. Initally, there was just the wish to get in and out easily.

Trousers torn in the crotch - with this, the relatively high-lying entrance at the rear had claimed its first victim. The previous owner had mounted not only other chassis springs, but also larger tires, which is why our G is much higher than the standard model.

Help wanted

To avoid further “losses”, we used a small stool to facilitate the entry into the car. Since this was not a long-term solution, the desire for a device that is mounted to the bodywork became stronger and stronger.

A suitable extendable ladder was found quickly, but we still hadn’t figured out an easy way of installing it. Therefore, a frame for the ladder had to be welded, which was attached directly to the body and bumper. And since the welding machine had already been unpacked, we quickly welded on a towing hook to our self-constructed rack. Afterwards, the entire piece was ready to get galvanized.

Not yet identifiable that this device will be an expedient for the entry into the car.

A checker plate on the top of the rack completed it. At this point, this project could have been ticked off, if we wouldn’t have had the strong feeling that it was a crying shame to not use the remaining space next to the ladder. Which other purpose could be added? We decided to ask the tinsmith to manufacture a customized aluminum box, which should be attached to the rack as well. The box was made faster than thought and now provides valuable storage space. 

A perfect step

Overall, we can claim to be satisfied with the result, if there wouldn’t be the fact that in the end the pull-out ladder is never used. We do step directly onto the checker plate as it is the perfect level with proper height for easy entrance and exit.

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