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A piece of furniture for water and electricity

A piece of furniture for water and electricity

Written by am

Two elements that typically do not fit together, are unified in one piece of furniture. The cupboard accomodates both, water canisters, as well as various electrical stuff.

The previous owner of our car had placed the solar battery inside the bench. Now, it is located in a specially designed electric box, where it is well accommodated besides all other electrical stuff.

Water on the top, electrical stuff below

In order to guarantee a quick access to the electronics housed in it, we have equipped the box with a removable wall on the side and a sliding lid on the top. The lid can only be pushed open when the right, back car door is open. A washing basin is counter-sunk in this outward-facing part of the lid. The special feature of this basin is that it is made of plastic and foldable. Hence, it needs less space than a conventional one.

In addition, we have cut a small viewing window into the lid, in order to be able to monitor the display of the solar system any time.

Welcome to our bathroom!

Since the electrics do not occupy the entire space of the electric box, we have installed a partition to use the remaining space for something else. This division makes the battery and other electric stuff only accessible from the inside of the vehicle, while the created storage space can be used exclusively from the "bathroom side", means, from the outside. At the same time, from the outside perspective it is not recognizable that the battery and other electrics are hidden in that box.

Our outdoor bathroom

The so-called water shelf is located above the electric box and serves as our bathroom. As the name suggests it is a simple but stable shelf that holds six water canisters. In the lid of the electric box below, the mentioned foldable washbasin can be found, which is only visible when the lid is pushed open. When opening the water tap on one of the canisters, the water flows directly into the subjacent basin.

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