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O like in Oslo

O like in Oslo

Written by am on 26.04.2018 at 21:01.

Despite the long stay in Norway, a short visit to its capital was inevitable.

Shortly before we reached Oslo, it has gotten dark already. We preferred to stay in a small airbnb-apartment, than on the municipality's campsite, but this was booked only from the next day. Hence: where to sleep this night? After a month in Norway, our wallet has already slackened considerably, hence the answer was clear: it should be for free.

Jump for joy

The Austrians are attributed a certain affinity to various winter sports, especially skiing. This definitely does not apply to us. Even more bizarre that on our search for a proper camp spot in the vicinity of the capital to stay there for one night, of all things we landed at a ski jump. 

Literally from the bed in the G we had an amazing view of the Holmenkollen ski jump.

Where are we? Is this a theme park? Even Christian could not answer these questions right away. But it soon turned out that the brightly-lit monster in front of us was nothing less than the famous Holmenkollen ski jump, where the Olympic Games had been held.

A large, freely accessible parking next to it felt like a kind invitation to stay there overnight. Despite the late hour, Christian suddenly discovered the Austrian in him and could not wait to explore the ski jump.

The next morning the parking lot filled up fast. It was a sunny Sunday and the Norwegians came early to Oslo’s local mountain, the "Holmenkollen", to be active. All around us it was full of cyclists, joggers and people on roller skiings.

Foray through the Norwegian capital

As usual in cities, we granted the G a few days of rest and explored Oslo by foot. The capital of Norway felt like the epicenter of the Scandinavian lightness. Chique boutiques, cool cafes and alternative neighborhoods gave the city walk with its obligatory sightseeing spots a certain je ne sais quoi.

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