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A baby bathtub, but no baby on board?

A baby bathtub, but no baby on board?

Written by am

In the course of rebuilding the car, we also transformed an initially useless compartment into a unique asset. Nickname included.

Probably originating from G's previous life as a Swiss fire truck, a half-round, about 10 cm deep compartment was located at the rear. This compartment was solely accessible from the inside - through a flap in the wooden floor plate.

Removing or renewing?

On the one hand, it was too spacious to fully ignore it as a compartment and to simply lay the floor plate over it. But on the other hand this compartment seems to be too small to seriously consider it as storage space. Hence, what to do with it?

The enlarged, newly welded compartment in the floor.

Unfortunately, this part of the bodywork was also heavily affected by rust and some repairs had to be made in the whole area. In the course of the welding work on the body, the old compartment was removed and a box with more depth attached.

The new compartment was afterwards insulated with Armaflex and lined with carpet by us. With its enlargement it resembled a baby bathtub in size and shape, therefore, we started calling it like this.

Part of our kitchen

With such a box underneath the rear of the car we have had to give up the possibility of attaching there a coupling device. However, it was the right decision, as we have gained valuable storage space with the modification of the compartment. It perfectly hosts our Coleman stove, the coffeemaker, pots and tableware. Together with the kitchen cupboard and the hanging cupboard on the rear door, the baby bathtub form the kitchen area of the G.

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