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Let us cook!

Let us cook!

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The cupboard for food and kitchenware was the last piece of furniture we manufactured. Also, the space on the inside of the rear door had been used for a small hanging box.

The last two of the self-made pieces of furniture were more or less built according to the motto "use the place that is left".

The kitchen area in the G

The kitchen cupboard distinguishes itself by a minor depth than the adjacent big cupboard, since otherwise it would have narrowed the entrance area too much. As the linear actuator is also in immediate proximity, the upper part of the kitchen cupboard had to be constructed around this device.

The kitchen cupboard with open door. 

We store food and all kind of cooking utensils in the kitchen cupboard. It is one of two pieces of furniture in our G that have a fully-fledged door. Strong hinges ensure that everything from inside also stays inside, no matter how bumpy the road is. The space on the inside of the door has been utilized for mounting some self-made carriers for cooking knives and small breadboards.

On the inside of the rear door another rather small piece of furniture is placed. The door flap of this hanging cupboard can be folded down to serve as shelf for our Coleman stove. Further, the cupboard houses cooking tools and various spices. 

The kitchen cupboard, the small hanging cupboard on the rear door and the so called baby bathtub make our "kitchen area".

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