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Big enough - the cupboard

Big enough - the cupboard

Written by am

The main cupboard should provide a lot of storage space. At the same time, it shouldn't be a monstrosity that causes claustrophobia when being inside the car.

The furniture that provides the most storage space was also the biggest challenge to build. We had to consider again how to best handle the wheel arch. Therefore we decided to build two pieces which constitute the main cupboard when stacked. 

First, similar to the bench, a stable scaffolding was constructed around the wheel arch, which was afterwards cased with thin plywood and equipped with a folding door on hatches. This compartment is only about 20 cm high. Nevertheless, it has become an highly appreciated storage space.

Three pull-out table tops are integrated in the cupboard.

Storage and working area

The second part of the cupboard sits on the above described compartment. In order to save weight, we decided against wooden shelves inside. Instead we opted for hanging boxes from Ikea (Trofast series) which are used like drawers. However, this was connected to some additional work. First, we had to cut the rails to the length needed, second, they had to be screwed on the inside of the cupboard’s walls in an exactly parallel position. Not the easiest task, but we managed well, and the "drawers" can be smoothly operated now. 

In addition, our cupboard has three separate pull-out table tops, which serve as a shelf e.g. for a laptop when sitting on the bench.

No door needed

Instead of a door, we have attached only a curtain to the open side of the cupboard. With press fasteners the curtain can be quickly removed to access the cupboard. The main reason for this handling was again to save weight, though we are very happy with this decision since the curtain makes it much more homey.

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