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More than just a piece of fabric - Shower curtain and awning

More than just a piece of fabric - Shower curtain and awning

Written by am

What does a shower curtain and an awning have in common? Normally not too much. In our case, our awning is also our shower curtain and vice versa.

In addition to the professional, purchased awning which is mounted on the left side of the vehicle, we were longing for a protection from sun or rain also above the rear. At the same time, we have been searching for a solution for an outdoor shower which can also be used if you are not all alone in the wilderness. Hence, we needed some kind of curtain that can be attached to the car when showering outside.

One piece, two purposes

In the twinkling of an eye, the awning gets converted into a shower curtain.

We had the idea to tailor a multifunctional piece made of water-repellent fabric, which can be used as both, awning or shower curtain. A suitable water-proof fabric was found quickly.

As an awning, the fabric had to have only the same width like the car (about 130 cm), what, however, would be as height of a shower curtain too little. The required dimensions have thus resulted from the desired height of the shower curtain.

For the application as awning, on each end of the fabric two light aluminium bars of 130 cm length had been sewed in. On the body above the rear door two pipe clips were installed, into which the front bar gets clamped. The bar at the back end of the fabric serves to stabilize the awning. There, also two eyelets for telescope poles were integrated.

Some privacy under the shower

The device to hang a shower curtain should, of course, be installed on the same side as the black water pipe, which is our custom-made water reservoir. Therefore, we have mounted two brackets on the rails on which also the water pipe is attached. On these brackets the telescope poles of the rear awning can be hooked in. With ribbons sewed to the fabric, the fabric can now be hung up on the protruding poles to create an area where we can wash ourselves.

The fabric always remains as awning on the G with a width of 130 cm. The approx. 40 cm oversize, which was necessary to use the fabric also as a shower curtain, are folded and fixed with a Velcro fastener before we furl the entire fabic and affix it on the car.

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