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Outside of the G - Jerry can and outdoor sockets

Outside of the G - Jerry can and outdoor sockets

Written by am

In the course of rebuilding the car, also on its outside some alterations had been made.

The G’s middle name is "Diesel monster". As such it is characterized by the fact that it demands fast replenishment after the last "meal". Means: Refueling is required. Often.

The jerry can carrier is hidden behind a thin aluminium sheet cover. 

Where to put the jerry can?

Though an additional tank had been considered, we finally decided against the implementation. Instead, we carry along a 20 liter jerry can. Its carrier is riveted on rails (the same which we had also used for the water pipe and the traction boards) on the right flank of the G. We would have preferred another spot for its installation, but unfortunately the required space was not found. The carrier has been coated with an aluminium sheet, which makes the perfect spot for the G-Trotter logo.

Electricity outside

Above the left front tire, a 230 volt outdoor-outlet is located. For optical reasons, we replaced the old white outlet with a new one in black. 

Just behind the G-Class typical ventilation slot on both sides, another ventilation opening had been created on the left side by the previous owner. It seemed that this had been used as ventilation for a refrigerator. Preserving this opening for ventilation would have made little sense due to the planned wall paneling on the inside. Only after we had already manufactured a small plate to close the opening from the outside, we had the idea to insert there a 12V power socket instead. With this, various electronic devices can also be operated outdoors.

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